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Landscape design doesn’t have to be complicated.

At luxescape we realized that the Landscaping industry is really stuck in the past, not making use of the incredible technology currently available like drone surveying, augmented reality and digital design tools. 

That’s why we started luxescape – your next landscaping project can be a Better Experience, with Better Design, and give you a Better Result!

We start with an aerial drone survey that will digitally map your property down to the centimetre. Then we turn that into a 3D model for our team of talented designers. They will create amazing options for you to choose from that will fit into your budget. This design process used to take weeks and now we can do it in days! 

We can even show your what your garden property will look like in the future using augmented reality.

Landscape project

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Technology Design

This design process that once took weeks can now be done in days!

Landscape project

Creative Styling

Our team of talented designers then turn our initial scans into a 3D model.

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